Neorythm – Interview May 2019.

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Greetings friends. Hope you’re good.

The other day I caught up with groove metal duo Neorythm, currently  based in Rovaniemi, Finland  for a yak about mental health. The band was formed over 300 years ago, so i suspect these ‘temporary conductors of the eternal’  may have learnt a thing or two about mental health over the years. Read on……


– Hello Neorhythm! Welcome to Metal Health and thanks for being here.

Red1: Greetings!
Red2: Tekhae erruob!

– What does good mental health mean to you?

Red1: It is enough for me to feel that I am on the right way. If it is, then everything is fine with health.
Red2: The state corresponding to the healthy natural balance of the three-dimensional world, correlating with the full physical health, with all the included and well-functioning neural-psychological barriers and protective reactions. Thinking in the direction of creation and goodness.

– How is life for you off the road or when you’re not gigging? Especially after a tour or big event, is it difficult to adjust back into life at home after time on the road? If so, how do you adjust/cope?

Red1: We are always at home and at the same time always on the road. This is a very conditional division of concepts … The most important thing is how we perceive reality. Thus, we are always ready for any difficulties.

– What motivates you? What keeps you going?

Red2: Understanding of our infinity and the omnipotence of our mind and strength. The desire not to lose this cosmic perfection, presented to us by nature, but constantly ruined by ourselves.
Red1: I am motivated by the fact that we do not know much about the world around us. Continuous thirst for knowledge and new horizons.

– Are you positive thinkers? How do you stay positive?

Red2: Certainly yes. Positive prolongs life (and there is nothing better than immortality!), and we have it for many centuries. Just everything is nothing. All – there are little things. And everything can please.
Red1: I can’t always be positive. The world is not perfect and often I experience negative emotions that I try to use for good. It helps me focus on a specific problem and write music about it. I would even say that I need negative emotions. But I can control it, so there are no problems.

– Have you experienced any tough times personally that you’d be okay talking about? If so, how are you/did you get through this.

Red2: Of course there were, we are not iron. But hard times are given to overcome and grow, and also so that they are erased like dust from the consciousness afterwards.

Red1: Times can’t be tough or easy. To any difficulties in life leads a certain chain of events. We try to foresee this.

– What does making music mean to you? Why do you do it? Is it simply the opportunity for self expression?

Red2: Great happiness. A surge of internal energy, giving life.

Red1: For me, music is life itself. If I could not make music, I would not. It is like the ability to talk or watch.

– I note the band formed over three hundred years ago, but when did you start making music individually? Was it like finding some buried treasure that you didn’t know you had, and how did mak-ing music fit in with the rest of your life?

Red2: The music is infinite, it was always there, and before our birth, it is the breath of “god”. We are only temporary conductors of the eternal.

Red1: Yes, he said everything correctly. Is always.

– I have just been listening to Nanogods from your Facebook page. Some nifty right hand syncopation work on the guitar riffs. I also love Diatribe. Great song! ‘Gravediggers of the earth, you are like parasites, on mother’s body’. It’s a great lyric, and a necessary reminder of the damage being done to this planet in the name of greed. Do you do any other work in the area of conservation or social issues?

Red1: I have no purpose to write complex music. I just try to convey my thoughts on the strings. If syncopes sound good, they will be there. If not, I’ll remove it and play differently. These techniques are simply a way to convey the right musical atmosphere, a way to highlight something, and to put something in the background.
Red2: As for our poems, our message, for which I am responsible – I am a poet, my work is a word, so I try to change the world by that. Everyone has their own purpose, and who knows what is more important.

– How important is it for the bass guitar and drums to be tight, and where do you see the guitars and voice fitting in the groove?

Red1: Oh, this is the question that always interests me. We used a large number of different recording techniques before we achieved the desired rhythm section sound. Guitar work usually goes a little easier. The voice in our songs is a complete instrument, just like a guitar or a snare drum. It requires some space in the mix. Now we have started sharing multitracks of our songs on the Patreon page. There you can study in more detail the sound of the instruments and production as a whole.

– How was the recording process for your last record? Did you bang it down live, or record an instrument at a time etc?

Red1: We use a common song recording scheme. First drums, then bass, guitars and at the very end we record vocals. There are only two participants in Neorythm, which is not enough for recording at one time.

– So what are your plans? I read you are recording a new album? How is that going? Some more touring or any dates you can mention?

Red1: Yes, now we are working on new songs. It will be a big, conceptual, unusual album. Currently four songs are ready. We really want to finish recording this summer and release an album this year. You can listen to the demos on the Patreon page, as well as some parts of new songs on Instagram.
Red2: Believe, our second album will be very interesting in its theme!

– Any other projects musical or otherwise happening?

Red2: The most valuable is the secret.

Red1: At the moment we are on Earth, where many people live. Anyway, we communicate with earthlings and influence what is happening here. You can hear our work in other projects, but no one knows that this is our own work.

– Ok, last question. What would you say to fans who are struggling with their mental health, or doing it tough at the moment?

Red2: Know yourself!

Red1: Be yourself!

– Thank you Red 1 and Red 2 from Neorythm for taking the time to talk with us. All the best with the new album and future projects! 

Greg \Mh/


Some links to the bands music  below:

Red1 – music

Red2 – lyrics, messages 

LP Zetetic 

EP Meteoric Thoughts


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