Interview – Within These Walls. June 2017.

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Greetings reader. I had a nice yap to Within these Walls from Tasmania, Australia earlier today. See below  –


METAL HEALTH INTERVIEW with Within these Walls. June 2017.

Hello Kelly, vocalist from Australian band Within these Walls, Welcome to Metal health and thanks for being here.

“Hey Greg, glad to be here, thank you for taking the time to chat.”

– What does good mental health mean to you?

“Good mental health means a lot to both myself and the band. We have all had ups and downs in our lives, (as have a lot of people) so we really understand the importance of hanging onto that good mindset, or mentality. Remembering that it can often be hard at times, yes. But also remembering that with the right people around you and the right mindset, you can overcome almost any obstacle.”

– How is life for you off the road or when you’re not gigging? Especially after a tour or big event, is it difficult to adjust back into life at home after time on the road? If so, how do you adjust/cope?

“I think its always hard coming out of a show and sitting back down to work or study. And that doesn’t really just apply for travel sometimes. even after a local show we will all be really hyped up for the afternoon and we will hang out and what not, but then that first day back at work/study afterwards is so daunting. Mainly because you just wish you were out there doing it again!”

– What motivates you? What keeps you going?

“For a lot of us in the band i feel its the enjoyment of it all. When we play we all have fun, we all enjoy being in the studio and we all love getting together for practice all for that one reason. We enjoy it. And i think it’s that passion for music we all share that really holds the band together.”

– Are you a positive thinker? How do you stay positive?

“I’d like to think that i am a positive sort of guy, yeah. And i guess the way i do it is by attempting to hold onto the little things that keep you smiling, and i mean that could be anything. It could even change from day to day, but there is always something there to swing me into a good mood!”

– Have you experienced any tough times personally that you’d be okay talking about? If so, how are you/did you get through this.

“Yeah of course, all of us in the band at some stage have experienced some rough times. Be that loss of loved ones or loss of self value. However we all managed to overcome that by keeping our heads up, finding a family member or friend and remember that things get better. Always”

– What does making music mean for you? Why do you do it?

“For me personally its both Therapeutic and enjoyable, being able to create stories lyrically or lay my thoughts out on paper is great and hearing it come together in a mix is even better. But i know for all of us it is just a great feeling to look at, and listen to something that you and 4 of your best mates created. Its always a great time.”

– I Enjoyed listening to the track ‘Conformity’, from your upcoming album ‘Life’. A real solid straight ahead track, and loved your vocals. How was the recording process for this record (and album)? Did you bang it down live, or record an instrument at a time etc?

“Thanks, Greg. Glad you enjoyed the track! Well, for Conformity, myself and our Guitarist Stephan, tracked all the guitar, bass and vocal parts to the drum file that our Drummer, Malikye, had programmed. After this I took it away and began mixing until I arrived at the product you hear today! As far as the LP goes, however, we will be re-tracking mixing and mastering that track when we reach it in the studio.”


So what are your plans? Some more touring or any dates you can mention? I see on your FB page you have a launch on July 20th at the Royal Oak in Launceston for ‘Conformity’. Any other projects musical or otherwise happening?

“Outside of the upcoming Oak show, we are currently hoping to win a support slot for a show with Deez Nuts, Alpha Wolf and Majula, which we are all really excited about. And we have a few other things brewing behind the scenes in regards to live shows. We are also hoping to release another single from our upcoming LP which we have been working on in the background. So keep an eye out for those!”


– Ok, last question! What would you say to fans who are struggling with their mental health, or doing it tough at the moment?

“It gets better. Just remember that no matter how bad things get, there is always someone out there who loves you and is willing to help you through what you are dealing with. And with their support and your strong mind you will make the best of this life, we all can”

– Thanks Kelly for taking the time to talk with us. Wishing you safe travels, and all the best with the album. Greg \Mh/.

“Thank you very much for having us, Greg. It was a pleasure”


Thanks again to the Kelly and the band. below are some links to the bands music. Enjoy!

Facebook –

You tube


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