Interview with Genevieve Rodda from Temtris. March 2018

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I had a yap yesterday with lead singer Genevieve Rodda of Australian metal band Temtris. When you listen to Genevieve sing, she is such a powerhouse and strong life force. As you will discover here, music is a huge part of who she is.

 G’day Genevieve. Welcome to Metal Health and thanks for being here.

No problem at all 🙂

 What does good mental health mean to you?

For me it is all about a balanced life. I like to keep fit and i train Krav Maga once a week which is a street smart self defense system. I run at least twice a week to de-stress. I feel good when i eat well and try to follow a healthy diet 5 days a week but let myself relax on the weekends. I like to work hard but i like to party hard too and let loose with my friends at a show with a few vodkas.

 How is life for you off the road or when you’re not gigging? Especially after a tour or big event, is it difficult to adjust back into life at home after time on the road? If so, how do you adjust/cope?

I love gigging but it is stressful leaving my kids so when i am home i try to make the most of that time. We recently have had a break from shows and i am missing not singing live. We would all love to be able to live the touring scene but the reality is most musicians need a day job to survive. I work at a special needs school and it really gives you a good perspective on how awesome my life is when you see disadvantaged kids day after day.

 What motivates you? What keeps you going?

I am not very good at sitting still, i am a doer. But i do like to set goals and move forward and push myself in most things and i do not like to quit. If someone said i couldn’t do it that would make me chase it even more. My love for the metal scene keeps me striving and moving forward. Music is a great way to get anyone motivated even when you are having a bad day.

There have been times when i wondered if i should stop creating music and gigging but i think i would feel like some of my soul would be missing if i did that.

 Are you a positive thinker? How do you stay positive?

Yes i am. We all get down at times. I do believe things happen for a reason within reason and i always wait to see what the outcome is before i let it get to me or i will put on some metal and sing my lungs out, it always helps.

 Have you experienced any tough times personally that you’d be okay talking about? If so, how are you/did you get through this.

Been through my share like most people. I have had to part with so called friends who have treated me badly and abused my friendship. They thought that this was ok, It was not easy at the time to remove long term friends from my life and it helped to have a close friends i could talk to. Remembering that it won’t be like this forever and trying to focus on things to move forward and appreciating the good things in our life helps.

 What does making music mean to you? Why do you do it?

I like to write about life experiences and quite a few of our albums have been concept albums so we have themes we can write too. But it is the creation of the album including artwork, songs and the whole story coming together that i enjoy.

 When did you start making music individually and as a band? Was it like finding some buried treasure that you didn’t know you had, and how did making music fit in with the rest of your life?

I have been writing music from about 13 years of age when i started learning guitar. I use to like sitting in my room just playing guitar and putting together songs. I joined my first band at 14 and did my first gig then also. I decided after that first show that this was what i wanted to do and had a goal to be known as an Australian female metal singer in a professional band. After 4 albums and a fifth one on the way it has not always been easy continuing while raising two children and working but when your doing something that you love nothing can stand in your way, even time lol

 How important is it for the bass guitar and drums to be tight, and where do you see guitar and voice fitting in the groove.

A band should be tight and work as a team. We work really hard on our song structure to make the vocals work with the guitars. The song needs emotion to be able to convey to an audience

 i was just listening to Awakening from your first album, and Enter the asylum from the 4th record. I love your vocal approach. You convey a strong sense of purpose and really project the lyric.

Why do you sing? Is it simply the opportunity for self expression?

I want to be strong , i train to be strong and i guess i want be seen as a strong female in the metal scene so when i sing, i sing with conviction because i mean it.

 How was  the recording process for your last record? Did you bang it down live, or record an instrument at a time etc?

Drums and vocals were recording in Main Street studios Wollongong. The guitars were recorded in the guitarists own studios.

 So what are your plans? Some more touring or any dates you can mention? I believe album number 5 is coming out soon?

Next gig is the 5th May at The Bald Faced Stag Sydney. Our album Launch for the 5th album is set for later in the year if all goes as planned.

 Any other projects musical or otherwise happening?

All my focus is always on Temtris and always has been.

 Ok, last question. What would you say to fans who are struggling with their mental health, or doing it tough at the moment?

Talk to someone, find something you enjoy doing and focus on that. Surround yourself with positive people and don’t feel guilty about looking after yourself and saying NO!

Smile and remember tomorrow, things can get better.

 Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Genevieve. Wishing you safe travels, and all the best with the upcoming shows. Greg \Mh/.

Been great chatting with you and thanks \m/

Look out for album # 5 and upcoming shows. Links to band pages –

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